How does one join?

The most important thing to realise is that membership is not by invitation - if you wait for someone to tap you on the shoulder, you will wait a very long time!

The best starting point is if you know someone who is already a member: in that case, you simply mention that you are interested in freemasonry, and he will take it from there. If you think you don't currently know any masons, then fill in the form on the Contacts page, and we will get in touch with you. There are a number of stages to be gone through, and the whole process can take a little while. But those stages are entirely without obligation on either side: either party can, naturally, withdraw at any time.

What does it cost?

At present, (December 2017) the costs are:

For those over 25

Once-only Initiation fee 50.00
Once-only Grand Lodge Registration fee   67.20
Once-only Provincial Grand Lodge Registration  fee
plus the Annual Subscription of 138.00

At present, the Dining fee is 15.00, exclusive of drinks.
In addition, collections are taken for charity at most meetings.

Joining and re-joining

Those who are already masons may join (or re-join) the lodge for a fee of 20.

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